A little bit of everything at World of Country Life

World Of Country Life was one of the first places we came across on our explorations and it was a very happy accident.


Mum dating at the pop up play cafe in Topsham.

When we knew we were moving to Exeter, I did what a lot of other people do and took to Facebook to find like minded people in the city to befriend – no one likes to be lonely. Here I discovered the Holy Grail of Facebook groups for Mums in Exeter, cunningly named Mums in Exeter….

Nothing is Normal- The wonders of Castle Drogo

I would like to begin this blog by saying that whoever the creative mind behind the Castle Drogo makeover is a genius. Over the weekend we walked through Whiddon Deer Park, from the top of the hill we saw – what looked like – a block of flats going up.  Later that day we discovered that…

Joining the V-Dub club and Loving our VW T5

A few weeks ago we gave in to a childhood dream, bought ourselves a VW Transporter T5 and joined the Dub Club.  Inspired by the Devon lifestyle, the beauty of the landscape and the thought of popping off for lovely holidays all over Europe we bit the bullet and I am pleased to say, we have no regrets.Introducing….. Bessie!…