5 handy tips to help you make friends & meet people when you’re planning a big move

Our decision to move to Exeter was made very quickly and very decisively, my husband was working for a company with offices in Exeter and London and was spending a few days a week in Exeter. We had been thinking about moving somewhere outdoorsy and nearer the sea for a long time and we had…


Americana in Exeter at Tony’s on Fore Street.

If you are a fan of American sweets (or just sweets in general) this is the place for you. From Twinkies to Fluff, Tony (his name really is Tony) imports it all from the States and has the biggest selection of American candy on sale in the city.

The majesty of Exeter Cathedral Рmy guided tour.

It’s quite hard to really fathom the centuries of blood, sweat & tears, thousands of lives and masses of stone it took to build a Cathedral, so every time I visit one I’m a little bit in awe.