I’m a rubbish runner, but the views along the River Exe are stunning.

Exeter is a beautiful place to live. Not only is the city steeped in history, it is also surrounded but natural beauty. Recently I heard someone describe Exeter as a country city and I thought that it was a pretty spot on description, it’s the best of both worlds.

img_4110-1One of the things we noticed about Exeter when we first moved here was that everyone is super fit. In fact, when we first moved here, I remember pointing out to my hubby that people wear sports gear to actually exercise in, not just for fashion.

img_4111-2We live near the River Exe and I thought I would take up running for the first time in my life, to get into the Exeter lifestyle and to explore my local area. I’m pretty awful at it actually, and the school Mums I run with are incredibly patient but I am always at the back of the group stammering; “I can’t talk when I run”, sweating like a pig and rocking the beetroot look. This doesn’t bother me mind you, I’m a yoga girl so I’m pretty Zen about it. It’s just nice to get out and see the beautiful countryside. 

I’ve included some pics from my runs by the River Exe between St Leonards and Countess Wear, walking / running / cycling / sitting, it’s just so beautiful.


Between now and November I set myself a massive challenge and I’m Running down dementia to raise money for dementia research, I have to run 100k and I have 38k to go, after that I think I’m going to get into cycling – because my lovely neighbour Sally has given me a bike and I am a rubbish runner!



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  1. Sheila says:

    that’s great about your running, at least its a goal to keep you going if you ever do feel less than zen about it…although I’m sure you’ll just keep getting better and better!
    We noticed that people drop their kids off to school in sports kit too….and not even in a ‘I just found this on the bedroom floor’ way! Way to go!

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    1. Stephanie Darkes says:

      Thanks Sheila, there is a lot of drop offs in gym gear at our school too, every now and then it’s me pre run, but I’m the wobbly one with the creased clothes 😂


  2. Charlie says:

    I really really want to run but I am so unfit! I do run in the house, on the spot with the Wii Fit so I suppose thats a start. You’re right though, so many beautiful places to do it here!


    1. Stephanie Darkes says:

      Just do it! There is a great group on FB called ‘Run mummy run’ it’s worth joining for inspiration, there are lots of ladies on there with different experiences and some great positive stories.


    2. Stephanie Darkes says:

      If you’re anywhere near me in St Leonards, I’m happy to meet for a run (I’m really rubbish)


  3. Gina Caro @ Gypsy Soul says:

    I’d like to start running but think I’d be pretty rubbish at it! Good luck on your quest 🙂


    1. Stephanie Darkes says:

      Thanks Gina! You should try it, it’s the doing that counts x


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