Review: Firezza on Sidwell Street, home of ‘proper pizza’ 

With a tagline like ‘demand proper pizza’ and toppings including; pancetta, porcini mushrooms, Cajun-spiced chicken, taleggio, Sicilian sausage, buffalo salami, tartufata paste, gourmet black olives, fresh field mushrooms, artichoke hearts, gran milano on the menu, we expected good pizza..


Savour the moments

My baby girl is 4.. 4..! This morning we had a swimming lesson and as I watched her standing on the edge of the pool – her chunky little legs (that look just like mine in miniature), my Nanny’s curly hair and my husband’s beautiful olive skin – brought a smile to my face.  As…

That inbetweeny phase

I’m on the train back from London to Exeter after another fast paced visit to family and friends.  We always take the slow train home from Clapham, partly because it saves journeying into central London and partly because I rather enjoy the slightly longer train ride. I get a lot done, even in my daughters…