Next generation education in Exeter

Not only are the team at Tubers UK set to educate the next generation, they also take on locally sourced interns from a broad range of backgrounds who do three shifts a week in exchange for experience, expenses, support and mentoring on their own projects.


Review: The all new Junior Driving School at Crealy

The instructors did point out that the ride is for children aged five to eleven, it isn’t a ride for adults (although you can get driven by your little one – if you dare).

9 things to do in and around Exeter during February half term.

1. Workshops and activities at  Royal Albert Memorial Museum (£) There’s lots happening at RAMM this half term including, Little Explorer Classes and Creation Station sessions for under 5s. For older children (8+) there are workshops exploring animation techniques and special effects to tell a story of Elizabethan life and trade in Exeter. Tickets available online,…

Lazy Sunday swim and roast dinner at Cofton

Living in Devon means that out of season you can pop along to the caravan parks and use their facilities, Ladram Bay is usually our go-to pool for a treat but it is now closed for the season, so on Sunday we headed to Cofton Holiday Park near Dawlish to pretend that we were on holiday (go for a swim and eat Sunday lunch).

Getting our sweat on at The Bear Trail in Cullompton

Ben is ex army (Rifles to be precise) and his vision was to “to provide children with a space to invent play and be tested so they work together and push their boundaries.. challenge themselves mentally and physically, get wet, run and climb around in muddy fields and experience an element of risk which reflects life”

Mum dating at the pop up play cafe in Topsham.

When we knew we were moving to Exeter, I did what a lot of other people do and took to Facebook to find like minded people in the city to befriend – no one likes to be lonely. Here I discovered the Holy Grail of Facebook groups for Mums in Exeter, cunningly named Mums in Exeter….

This Saturday – The Forest after dark

This Saturday Haldon Forest Park are taking part in the global lights off campaign to help fight climate change  Earth Hour, a World Wildlife Fund (WWF) incentive to encourage people around the world to turn off their lights at the same time to “highlight the urgent need to address climate change”. If you’re in Exeter come on down,…

Forest School with Wild Tots

When you are small there is nothing better than to be out in the wilds playing with mud. Thursday is my day with the girl and the day we go to A touch of the wild: Wild Tots forest school. For those who have never experienced forest school, it’s quite the thing to do these days…

An open – child related – letter to Exeter

Dear Exeter, Why are there hardly any rainy day provisions for smallies?  I realise that Devon is a very beautiful place, full of outdoorsy people but why-oh-why are there so few places to go when it’s rubbish outside? Yesterday was a Bear Feet day and – according to the lovely member of staff on the door…

Soft Play at Ocean, Exmouth.

It’s crazy, it’s colourful, it’s full of screaming smallies, there are clothes, shoes and food strewn everywhere and you’re lucky to find a seat. Welcome to soft Play. The kids are wild, and the parents are wondering around with a stunned ‘it’s Sunday morning at soft play’ look on their faces. If you don’t have…