‘The Ugly duckling’ at The Bikeshed Theatre

The Ugly Duckling is family favourite and Above Bounds wound it into a beautiful, thoughtful production exploring the ideas of perception, identity and body image.


The Woman in Black at the Northcott theatre, Exeter

Last Monday I popped along to the Northcott Theatre with my friend Gerry (who I take to all of the scary events) to watch Stephen Mallatratt’s adaptation of  The woman in black. The Northcott is situated within Exeter University‘s lovely Streatham campus. Opened in 1967 it plays a pivotal role in Exeter’s theatre scene as it’s flagship professional…

Frankenstein at Great Fulford

It was a dark cold night in St Leonards, there was a knock at the door, it was Gerry.  Gerry is a fellow ex-Croydonian (via Ireland) and Gerry had agreed to accompany me on an spooky adventure to the middle of nowhere in the dark. I had seen a tweet about a promenade production of Mary…